Who are they?

The NTUSA is troupe of professional entertainers and theater makers. They exist for your entertainment, enlightenment and greater glory. Its members are seven in number, its collaborators countless, its reach – like the universe itself – ever and eternally expanding. And like the universe, the NTUSA has its share of exploding stars, white dwarves and black holes – shows that dazzle, repel and leave you swirling in a vortex of confused space and time. Though they are not a government agency, a fact that their lawyers were quite clear should be laid plain, they are here to fill that tragic void in our national enterprise. This internet website shall attest to their history, dedication and their forbearance in the face of a thousand obstacles to bring you the very best in theatrical art and entertainment, for cheap.

Happening Now!

May 18 - June 11 A New Practical Guide to Rhetorical Gesture and Action, illustrations from our book project (53rd State Press) documenting some of New York's finest performers! Book Launch Party at Abrons, May 27, 6:30-9:30!


"The utterly original downtown outfit, National Theater of the United States of America..."—The New Yorker
"An underground theatrical coup, a triumph of style and stagecraft."—TimeOut NY
"Not for the faint of heart or conventional of mind."—The New York Times
"NTUSA left me stunned and speechless and completely in awe."—Malcolm Gladwell


  • 2006 OBIE for Design
  • 2007 Spalding Gray Award
  • 2010 LMCC President's Award
  • 2012 Henry Hewes Design Award Nominations in Design and Costumes