The National Theater of the United States of America is a troupe of professional entertainers, artists and theater makers. We exist for your entertainment, enlightenment and greater glory. Our members are seven in number; our collaborators, countless; our reach, like the universe itself, ever and eternally expanding.

In the creation of this body we express our faith in the democratic process. What defines this process is the dedicated convergence of our individual ideas, aesthetics, skills, and passions. In each project, our core members work in multiple capacities—as directors, designers, producers, choreographers, writers and performers. Roles are assigned according to the needs of the project and each collaborator is guided by the consensus of the whole. By placing authority in the collective body, we strive to create works larger than ourselves. Through our multiplicity of voice and vision, we create unified, intoxicating, space-specific theatrical universes which our audiences then complete. Together, we confront the culture and history that we all breathe, promoting multiple perceptions, questions and often conflicting conclusions.

And, though we are not a government agency, a fact that our lawyers were quite clear should be laid plain, we are here to fill the tragic void that that organization lacks.

In your honor we dedicate ourselves to the creation of vital and spectacular works of theater, for cheap. With love, we create a disturbance in the continuum.