Garvey $ Superpant$! Episode 23

“An underground theatrical coup”
TimeOut NY

In the bowels of Times Square lives the Wonderland Theater. Deeper still live Garvey & Superpant$…searching for permanence of identity in a world antithetical to permanence of any kind. These two clowns may be hundreds of years old (for all they know), but in this shape shifting world they cannot remember who they are or what, if anything, they should be doing. Garvey & Superpant$ fight bare-knuckled for their independence and desperately cling to the only thing they know…not much. And just when they think that they know certain things, they’re swept into another routine. Who is this man with his promises of food? Is that couple so entranced with their own drama that they can’t see what’s really going on? AND WHAT’S WITH ALL THIS DANCING?!? But there is a constant: a book just out of reach. Is there where the answer lies? But who has time to think? The poison is everywhere and its buttery sweet. Are they about to wipe out? Or just fall in deeper…

Garvey & Superpants from The NTUSA on Vimeo.