Jack Rusell’s Superconfidence Seminar

“A Triumph of Style and Stage craft”
Best of 2002
TimeOut, NY

Jack Russell believes in himself. And you should, too! Spawned from company member Jonathan Jacobs’ personal theory and practice of living, SuperConfidence! shoots adrenaline into the unsure heart, enabling us all to fulfill the destiny of our choice at the time of our choosing. Must we all live like Mr. Saggy-Skin, in endless doubt and despair? Nope. Life is too short! And the simplest decisions, made now with Jack Russell’s guidance, can instantly effect our outlook and change the course or our lives forever. But, where does SuperConfidence! begin? At what point does SuperConfidence! turn into SuperArrogance? What can SuperConfidence! do for me? The answers are Yes, Yes! And Yes!!! Find out more, at Jack Russell’s SuperConfidence! Seminar, for one night only.