Placebo Sunrise

“A Triumph of Style and Stage craft”
Best of 2002
TimeOut, NY

Behind a non-descript storefront in Time Square, in chashama’s Pleasure Center there exists a completely stress free environment: Placebo Sunrise, where times slips into question and one wants for nothing. It is here that our heroes Garvey & Superpant$ are borne into a paranoiac holiday in a land of epic unrest. After a grave paranormal accident, Garvey & Superpant$ are sent there for rehabilitation. And you, too, are guests at this fabulous haven of luxury. Sip a Tennessee Chinaman under the umbrella of raging war, as Garvey & Superpant$ search for love and a sense of self in a constant flurry of forced indulgence. Everyone else seems to understand the rules. Why can’t they just relax. And what’s that smell coming out of the pool? While they decide how to deal with the ever brimming threat of comfort, Garvey & Superpant$ have time to ask: “Now that we’ve found paradise, how do we escape?”

Placebo Sunrise from The NTUSA on Vimeo.