The Golden Veil


“Organized chaos, wry irony and shrewd intelligence all flow through Normandy Raven Sherwood’s The Golden Veil… a cunning meditation on the iniquities of gender bias.”
Andy Propts, The Village Voice

“Masterfully realized…[The Golden Veil] achieves an extraordinary depth of feeling, created not so much by logic as it is with sheer theatricality…an amazing feat.”
Dmitri Svonkov, Stage and Cinema

The Golden Veil is a gothic parlor spectacle that tells, in multiple iterations, the familiar tale of a poor shepherdess seduced and abandoned by a would-be inventor. Part pastoral ballet and part backwoods jamboree, part Punch-and-Judy show and part forlorn testimony, part bleak exposé of the lives of the rural poor and part celebration of their lovely handicrafts, The Golden Veil conjures the intimacy of a séance and the abandon of a hootenanny. In the NTUSA’s inimitable style, The Golden Veil explores the ways that we use narrative to render the painful picturesque as it prods at the perverse underbelly of our nostalgia for “simpler times.”

The Golden Veil premiered at the Kitchen in NYC in 2012 and received two Henry Hewes Design Award nominations for scenic design and costumes.

The Golden Veil – 10 minute excerpt (v1) from The NTUSA on Vimeo.