What’s That on My Head!?!

The show that will never return! In 2004, the NTUSA dropped a fishing line into a black hole. In only 400 light years they felt a tug and pulled out one of the most bizarre historical spectaculars the known universe has ever seen. What’s That on My HEAD!?! is that famous game show amusement park ride through American history that everyone loves. Built into 4000 square feet of warehouse space in DUMBO Brooklyn, 40 audience members mount a moving platform taking them to countless sets and stages wherein the history of this great country is re-enacted by three witless contestants…for valuable prizes! (maybe, ha ha!) “It’s as if Howard Zinn concocted an interactive Disneyland ride that was hijacked by Dadaists” (NYTheater.com) The National Theater of the United States of America’s most Expensive show ever.

WHAT’S THAT ON MY HEAD!?! from The NTUSA on Vimeo.